Hilton Resort Los Cabos
Wedding Planner Company: Cabo Beach Weddings
DJ and Guitar: DJ Mijares

Number of guests: 200

Exuberant, colorful and action-packed, Joti and Jag’s Sikh wedding at
the Hilton Los Cabos, set against a backdrop of palm trees and burnt
orange sunsets, can only be described as worthy of Hollywood’s silver
screen. As per Sikh custom, vibrant tones, luxurious fabrics and
sparkling gems meant this videographer’s lens had its work cut out.

Joti and Jag hosted a wedding weekend steeped in tradition. The couple
and their families attended to guests’ every need, ensuring gifts and
customs were given and respected. One of our favorite moments to shoot
was the pre-ceremony Vatna ritual, in which the bride and groom are
covered in a paste, usually made of tumeric oil, barley powder and
mustard seed, said to cleanse and purify. Both Joti and Jag’s smiles
were contagious throughout every moment, but the best was yet to come.

The wedding ceremony got off to a flying start with the traditional
baraat. Jag looked every bit the part in rich orange and gold, as
guests danced and sang him along the path to his bride, but Joti stole
the show! She was absolutely glowing in her elaborately embroidered,
deep red and gold gown, sporting a smile that never faded for a moment
throughout the festivities. The couple said there “I dos” beneath an
eye catching white mandhap, accented with romantic draping and florals
in pinks and purples. The impressive design was the result of close
collaboration between Salt & Sugar and Del Mar Floristeria.

No stone was left unturned when it came to decorating this couple’s
reception venue. Guests dined under a ceiling of twinkling lights, and
Teeven’s Victor de Alba ensured the dance floor and electronic
lighting was nothing short of awe inspiring. Beneath a sky full of
fireworks, DJ Adan Mijares had everyone on the dance floor, as the
party continued late into the Cabo evening.

A huge thanks to Christina Gilliland from Cabo Beach Weddings, who executed this spectacular
event to perfection. With a list of professionals this long, it would
be impossible to include everyone by name, but please see below for
those involved in making Joti and Jag’s destination wedding dreams
come true.

Much love!
Here it is the story of their wedding:

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