Alisha and Jeff Trash the dress session

Photography , February 6, 2015

TTD Session or popular known as “Trash the dress” session, is very in vogue among couples today.
This is more fun than the wedding and relaxed for the Bride and Groom, because all the hype and the rush from the wedding day before is gone, so they can have a very lonely and intimate passional photo session.

Alisha and Jeff knew they were alone and relaxed, so, you can see the result! Their expressions talk by themselves!


Alisha-100 Alisha-101 Alisha-102 Alisha-103 Alisha-104 Alisha-105 Alisha-106 Alisha-107 Alisha-108 Alisha-109 Alisha-110 Alisha-111 Alisha-112 Alisha-113 Alisha-114 Alisha-115 Alisha-116 Alisha-117


Alisha-119 Alisha-120 Alisha-121 Alisha-123

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